Unapologetically SELFISH | Nicola Cloherty

Do you dare to be SELFISH?

SELFISH. invites women to connect with themselves before others. 

Their body.
Their female cycle.
Their heart.
Their soul.
Their truth.

What makes SELFISH. a little different is that we do so with our own SELF at the forefront, then we serve others.

We are unapologetically SELFISH. for ourselves first and foremost.
We are human and realistic.
 We sometimes struggle, but we share, we support and we respond differently because we connect from within.

We hone into and honour our feminine, and we balance the masculine.

We lift and we inspire.

We share and we hold space.

We are #UnapologeticallySelfish.

SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty

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SELFISH Podcast with Nicola Cloherty

Who is Nicola Cloherty?

Nicola Cloherty is obsessed with health and well-being. She loves the female cycle and is seasoned in honouring, loving and syncing her menstrual cycle. She knows first hand, that when women shift their focus and connect to their own monthly cycle - we’re talking exercise, food, work, and overall lifestyle activities - life becomes even sweeter!

Nicola shares and educates women (mainly - the men in their life then follow suit shortly after) on how to use doTEERA essential oils. For example, as a support to reduce stress and support hormones. She also runs ‘in-real-life' (IRL) and online (URL) events and workshops, as well as virtual offerings to help more women connect with themselves and create space to pour from a full cup when trying to do all of the things! 

Nicola also has 15 years of business and marketing experience under her belt. She went from a fast-paced corporate ladder climber to feminine-focused solo/femprenuer in 2016 - experiencing what it was so slow down (it's HARD!), tune in and balance her feminine and masculine energy. Now, she mentors women to embrace their female body and energy to manage their own business and lives!

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Nicola Cloherty

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