Unapologetically SELFISH | Nicola Cloherty

Do you dare to be SELFISH?

SELFISH. invites women to connect with themselves before others. 

Their body and biology.
Their natural female cycle.
Their heart and their soul.

Their unique and wonderful design.
Their truth.

What makes SELFISH. a little different is that we do so with our own SELF at the forefront, and then we serve others.
Becoming #UnapologeticallySelfish is a magical mix of...







We aren't about restraint and perfection.
We are about creating space and love for our selves first.

We uplift and we inspire.

We share and listen.

We are #UnapologeticallySelfish.

SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty

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SELFISH Podcast with Nicola Cloherty

Meet Nicola Cloherty

Nicola Cloherty is obsessed with humans being who they truly are ~ particularly women. 

She's a Manifesting Generator, 4/6 profile in Human Design and is becoming ever much herself through this incredible master system. She also lives her life in-sync with her female monthly cycle - no, that doesn't mean you sync up your period with your gal pals -  it's all about syncing up one's lifestyle in accordance to one's natural, cyclical female rhythm.

What Nicola loves more than anything is  mentoring, coaching and guiding womxn to become truly empowered in their female body, doing what they're on this planet to do in this lifetime, with a cheeky little sprinkle beautiful of selfishness (in a good way!) so they can be their truest self!

And if they have a business - learn how to manage and run that in conjunction with all of the above, because she has a 15+ year career in marketing, comms and business. 

Nicola loves a good chat - hence the podcast - communication and connection is her jam (Hello, Gemini!), and would love to hear how you found SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty.

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Nicola Cloherty

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